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Construction Management.

Peridot CM offers a full range of construction management services. Beginning at the concept phase of your project, Peridot CM has the experience and knowledge necessary to bring your idea to life.

Pre-Construction Stage Services

Before construction even begins, there may be months, even years of planning. Finding a reliable partner to work with during the intense preconstruction phase will undoubtedly make the rest of your project more economical and efficient. Our preconstruction involvement can be instrumental in getting your project off on the right track and into the construction stage quicker.

Pre-Construction Services
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Constructability Review

Our depth and experience in working with Owners, Developers, Financial Institutions, Architects, Property Managers, Leasing Agents, Realtors and Residents has resulted in a thorough understanding of almost all different construction methods, materials and priorities. Without question the most important thing we have learned is to listen. Our approach to your project will be to listen to all the team members and offer our insight where needed by advising of cost, durability, schedule and maintenance impacts of all decisions. These decisions will be documented and fully communicated to the entire project team. The ideal result is an attractive project that can be built within the financial requirements that meets the end users’ needs.


A “ballpark” figure might be acceptable to some. But when you crave a more accurate picture of your project’s cost, we’ve got the estimating edge. Our first-hand knowledge of actual construction costs for many critical building components gives us an advantage in preparing your estimate. In fact, we’ll even commit to a GMP (Guaranteed Maximum Price) early in the building process. Our real-time cost modeling gives you a detailed breakdown of individual component costs and evolves alongside the scope of work to maintain an up-to-date cost of construction, while promptly identifying any project savings.

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Value Engineering

Peridot CM evaluates cost and constructability factors early on to give you the building you want at the price, quality, and schedule you need. When we value engineer, we look for any opportunities to improve your building’s quality, costs, and time to completion by evaluating materials and construction practices over their useful life. We pursue the most economical means and methods for construction, without ever sacrificing quality. Value engineering provides a better understanding of how your construction decisions will affect expenses both now and in the future. Sometimes a project’s initial cost may be higher than expected, but you’ll experience a positive return in the long run through lower operating costs, reduced maintenance costs or less frequent replacement expenses.

Bid Procurement

When requesting bids, we forge ahead in a true “fast track” method, coordinating bid packages to avoid gaps or overlaps. This enables you to proceed with critical path construction activities in the most expeditious fashion. We solicit bids from a variety of trade contractors and material suppliers. Having worked with most throughout Wisconsin and the Midwest, we know what type of performance to expect. This is also the stage of the project where we assemble our community outreach plan. We have an excellent record of success for participation by small, disadvantaged and minority-owned businesses. Bid packages are crafted to allow maximum opportunity for involvement.

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We pay meticulous attention to the master schedule and exercise true schedule control by communicating deadlines and holding all project team members, subcontractors, and suppliers accountable. Critical Path Method (CPM) computerized scheduling techniques present us with a bird’s eye view of the entire design and construction process and supply detailed timing on critical issues. By identifying the longest construction durations and key milestones, we expertly manage even the most robust timetables.

Purchasing & Expediting

Setbacks during the construction phase are often caused by delays in expediting material purchases. The Peridot CM team takes full responsibility for coordinating the timely purchase and delivery of materials and equipment that directly impact the progress schedule. To keep your project on the fast track, we identify extended lead-time materials as swiftly as possible.

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Project Management

Construction is in the details and we’ve got the expertise to plan, organize and manage resources, keeping your project on a successful path to timely completion. We accomplish project fundamentals through a cooperative approach and clear channels of communication, defining project scope expectations and developing solid schedules and budgets.

The project manager delivers long-term value by constantly monitoring and evaluating:

  • Accelerated delivery methods (fast track)
  • Market conditions
  • Technology advancements
  • Material selections
  • Life cycle cost analysis
  • Permitting
  • Scheduling
  • Seasonal scheduling
  • Constructability
  • Size utilization/logistics
  • Material procurement
  • Budgeting
  • Cash flow
  • Timely decisions
  • Community outreach

Owner's Representative

Our role as an owner’s representative is to act as if we own of the project. Peridot CM provides owner’s with the value-added resources and technical knowledge they need to make their project a success. As an extension of the owner we make sure that construction proceeds as expected and agreed upon the contract documents.  We take an on time and on budget approach to all our decisions. Responsibilities included but are not limited to:
  • Concept/Initiation
  • Design
  • Value Engineering
  • Budgeting
  • Procurement
  • Construction Management
  • Post-Construction
  • Occupancy
  • Close Out
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Community Participation

We believe in giving women, minorities, and other disadvantaged businesses the opportunity to contribute to the construction industry. Their remarkable talent is sometimes overlooked, and we strive to provide employment opportunities for these groups whenever possible.

Constructions Stage Services

Finally, it’s time to clear and excavate, pour the foundation, frame the walls. You’ve reached that exhilarating point of your building project where you can see real progress taking place. We oversee many of the fine details during the busy and sometimes chaotic construction stage. From quality control to safety, we’ll orchestrate nearly every aspect to produce flawless results.
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Quality Control

We place utmost importance on your building’s integrity by assuring quality work from start to finish. Working from a solid master plan, our quality assurance program kicks off in the design phase and helps us:

  • Specify and acquire appropriate materials.
  • Select qualified subcontractors.
  • Ensure all architectural, structural, mechanical, and electrical drawings properly depict where each component should be positioned on the jobsite.

We guarantee quality during the construction stage through frequent jobsite communication and inspections. Peridot CM carefully reviews progress and enforces quality standards of all onsite work, ensuring that subcontractors and suppliers fully understand your expectations. Without ever slowing down your project, we document everything and make sure all quality processes are followed to the letter.

Cost Control

Peridot CM coordinates all job cost accounting activities, accurately tracking costs throughout your entire project. We take a proactive approach to controlling costs, ensuring you receive the most economical construction prices possible. And with our open book policy and clear and concise invoicing, you never have to wonder how and where your money is being spent.
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Communication & Information Management

Coordinating the multiple needs of the owner, architect/engineer, trade workers, subcontractors, and suppliers is probably the most stressful part of new construction, but we make it look easy. A constant flow of information and communication in the form of project meetings, submittals, requests for information (RFIs), change orders, daily reports, monthly reports, pay applications, owner direct purchases, commissioning, and warranty administration help precisely execute project demands.

At the hub of it all is the project manager who coordinates, collects, updates, and distributes all forms of project information. If desired, we’ll create a monthly report summarizing job status and financial data such as the pay application, cash flow projections, cost projections, value engineering estimates and change order status.


Safety is the number one concern on the jobsite. Our excellent track record of safety demonstrates our commitment to ensuring that everyone who enters your construction site returns home safely each day. All contractors and subcontractors we do business with are fully trained in safety procedures, and our work environments are more than compliant with OSHA standards.
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